The Content Fund’s unique grant-making mechanism supports the production, acquisition and distribution of high-quality video, audio and TV content in the Russian language in the Eastern Partnership countries and beyond.

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  • In many of the territories the Content Fund supports, independent media is in dire straits, silenced by repressive measures and crowded out by media operators loyal to autocrats. All this takes place against the background of the mass production of Kremlin-aligned disinformation.
  • To compensate for this, the Content Fund provides funding for Russian-language content creation, acquisition, marketing, distribution and capacity building.
  • By building a relationship with audiences based on truth and trust, the Content Fund can reach vulnerable and captured audiences and provide an effective response to the disinformation problem.

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Some of the latest productions supported by the
Content Fund

  • Sprinter

    Produced by: Jurnal TV
    Country: Moldova

    Sprinter is a six-episode crime drama that confronts important questions and brings the dark side of the 90s back to life. It addresses in an accessible way a topical social issue, namely discrimination based on nationality and spoken language, and that imbues this work with valuable social purpose.

  • Woman in the City

    Produced by: Mayak
    Country: Ukraine

    Woman in the City is a multimedia series of videos, podcasts, and print articles tackling issues related to women’s rights, domestic violence, gender equality, ageing, and childbirth. Produced in Ukraine, the project takes a remarkable, emotive, and in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the region.

  • Talaka

    Produced by: LRT
    Country: Lithuania

    Talaka is a docuseries about ten Belarusian women united by the courage and dedication they showed during the tumultuous events of 2020, which eventually made them flee to Vilnius. The heroines of Talaka are an opera singer, designer, poet, political expert, captain of the national basketball team, feminist, founder of the children’s hospice, media producer, journalist, and the wife of a political prisoner.