In the Eastern Partnership countries and beyond, there is a significant share of the Russian speaking media audience. It deserves to be served balanced, creative, high quality content.

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  • The Content Fund offers production grants to 
    independent platforms and producers who have creative 
    ideas for original content in the Russian language.
  • The Content Fund helps platforms to acquire and dub 
    into Russian international content enriching their 
    programming offer.
  • The Content Fund enables its partners to participate 
    in content sharing mechanisms, joint productions 
    and knowledge sharing initiatives.
  • The Content Fund focuses its support on a wide range 
    of genres, such as short human stories; documentaries; 
    cookery and lifestyle features; social reality and factual 
    entertainment series; science and natural history shorts; 
    observational series, satirical, comic and animation 
    videos; children’s features; drama; history series and other.

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These are some of the latest programs
Created with the funding
from the Content Fund

  • “Together”

    Producer: Spektrs
    Country: Latvia

    Though most of people in Latvia speak Latvian, many people speak Russian. Different languages are no barrier when people work for a common goal.

  • “Lively Kitchen”

    Producer: Jurnal TV
    Country: Moldova

    A famous chef who has worked at Moscow restaurants for many years now returns to Moldova and takes a road trip around the country with his portable kitchen. He wants to get a taste of traditional dishes in different regions of the country so he can recreate them with a personal touch.

  • “Living in the Now”

    Producer: ​Donetsk Institute for Information
    Country: Ukraine

    Millions of people have been affected by the war fought in the east of Ukraine. The series focuses on how these people overcome problems they never thought they would have. While some are desperate, others are ready to start a new life from scratch.